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Herring River Restoration Project Info Sessions

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017
4 weekly sessions, Tuesdays (alternating start times -please see schedule)
7:00 pm



How Will The Herring River Restoration Affect You?

Sponsored by Herring River Concerned Citizens

The Proposed Herring River Restoration Project is Vast and Complex

* Understanding the potential benefits and risks is difficult and time-consuming

* We have reviewed hundreds of pages of official project documents, spoken with independent experts and studied the scientific literature.

* We are still learning and we have more questions than answers!

Fifty people turned out for our first meeting on March 7th. Join us again or for the first time on the 21st as we dive deeper into some previously discussed topics and discuss many new ones. We will facilitate group interaction and discussion. Here are a few of the topics we’ll cover:

* Insurance to protect the local economy and the taxpayers

* Nuisance mosquitoes and other biting insects

* Risks to endangered species

* Budget and project financing

* Engineering plans for roadwork and dike construction

* Legal liability

* Financial liability

* Taxpayer obligations

Who Are the Herring River Concerned Citizens?

* We are a group of people from Wellfleet and Truro who are researching the potential risks and benefits of the Herring River Restoration to help our townspeople develop informed opinions about the Project.

* The group includes local shopkeepers and artists as well as town residents with expertise in life science, construction, health care, and corporate management.