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Herring River Concerned Citizens Info Sessions

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017
4 weekly sessions, Tuesdays (alternating start times - please see schedule)
4:00 pm


A Closer Look: How Will The Herring River Restoration Affect You?

This program is a four-week series designed to share information and questions, sponsored by Herring River Concerned Citizens.

Who Are the Herring River Concerned Citizens?

* We are a group of people from Wellfleet and Truro who are researching the potential risks and benefits of the Herring River Restoration to help our townspeople develop informed opinions about the Project.

* The group includes local shopkeepers and artists as well as town residents with expertise in life science, construction, health care, and corporate management.

The Proposed Herring River Restoration Project is Vast and Complex

* Understanding the potential benefits and risks is difficult and time-consuming

* We have reviewed hundreds of pages of official project documents, spoken with independent experts and studied the scientific literature.

* We are still learning and we have more questions than answers!

Bring Your Questions, Ideas and Curiosity

* We will answer any questions we can and research any we can’t.

* We will share what we’ve learned and we want to hear your thoughts.

* We will invite representatives from the Friends of the Herring River, the Seashore, the Herring River Restoration Committee and the Selectmen to attend.

Just a Few of the Questions We Will Cover

* What are the risks of herbicides to wetland life and to people?

* What are the arguments for and against controlling phragmites (common reed)?

* What is the real-world evidence for benefits to shellfishing beds?

* What are the risks of shellfish bed closure and will there be an emergency fund or insurance to protect shellfishermen?

* How will construction on major town roads affect access for local residents and tourists?

* How might tourism be depressed by road and dike construction and golf course closure?

* Will there be an emergency fund or insurance to protect local businesses?

* What is adaptive management planning and how is it expected to reduce risk?

* How would restoration affect endangered species habitat?

* Which entity is legally liable for the Project?

* Which entity is liable for financial losses to the Town and to private individuals?

Please come share you thoughts and questions on this vast and complex issue.