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Everything is Teacher: Finding Inspiration Everywhere with M P Landis

Monday, July 25th, 2011
8:00 am
to 11:01 am

This 2 day process-oriented workshop is open to anyone interested in pushing through creative blocks or ruts, or who just needs a good jump-start. The course is taught through visual means, but is open to those in all creative fields, veteran and novice alike. We will explore ways of incorporating our experiences and the world around us to awaken our creativity and push through our fears and judgments.

There will be in-class and a few out-of-class assignments utilizing drawing, painting and collage along with other exercises, such as collaboration and random function. There will be opportunity for individual conferences exploring your own projects and/or goals to any participant who is interested.

Bring paper, glue or glue stick, drawing instruments, a bottle of ink and anything else you want to work with.

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